Artie Abrams
Status: Taken by Mike, EST. [Admin]
Set Endgame: Quartie.

+ Officially asked Quinn to be his girlfriend just after March Break, and together they announced their relationship to their friends at Senior Prom

+ Accepted into the Brooklyn Film Academy starting in September 2013.

+ Had been hoping to get into Yale to be with Quinn, but realizes at least New York makes them much closer than while he was in Ohio.

+ Still wants to help lead the New Directions to a second National Championship this summer in Los Angeles.

+ Nervous about leaving Lima and hasn’t told anyone, not even his girlfriend.

Ships: QUARTIE, Artie/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Artie/Males, Sugartie, Bartie.
Blaine Anderson
Status: Taken by Landi, EST.
Pref. Endgame: Blaine/Chemistry.

+ Blaine is always at the center of everything whether he wants to be or not and often times he feels pulled in so many different directions with no idea what to do. He tries to make everyone happy, but rarely feels that what he does is good enough.

+ Blaine loves singing and performing. It’s the only time he doesn’t mind the spotlight and is 100% confident in his abilities.

+ Blaine is incredibly humble in general, but does have the ability to become quite cocky when it comes to something he’s passionate about. And Blaine is passionate about a lot of things.

+ Blaine enjoys stepping up and being a leader, even though it often puts him in the middle of things, which, as we already know, he doesn’t enjoy. He always makes the calls others are afraid to if he thinks it’s for the greater good and he usually handles the situation with tact.

+ Blaine values people and relationships (as well as honesty) above most anything else. And he usually finds himself in a tangle of feelings and sometimes less than desirable situations because of that.

+ Blaine does not regret moving to McKinnely to be with Kurt even though he’s gone, but he misses the Warblers more than he’ll ever admit. Especially Sebastian. He was more than tempted by Hunter’s offer to come back for many reasons and isn’t sure if he made a mistake or not by refusing.

+ Ever since Mr. Shue’s non-wedding, he’s been confused and unsure about where he stands with Kurt and can’t decide if his feelings for Sam are just friendship and an appreciation of his looks or something more.

+ Blaine relies heavily on his friendship with Tina to get him through things and really appreciates that she always goes the extra mile for him. He is completely oblivious to the fact that she is in love with him as he has a hard time noticing such things if he doesn’t reciprocate the feelings.

+ Blaine wants to move to New York and attend NYADA. He has big plans for his future and his dream of being on the stage is something he will never give up. Broadway is not just a wish, it’s his destiny.

+ Blaine hated his part in exposing the Warblers because they are like brothers. He knows they got lucky with Hunter forcing steroids on everyone because, even without the drugs, the Warblers could have beaten them. He doesn’t feel like New Directions has what it takes to make it to the top again, but he refuses to let it show and won’t stop giving it his all.

Ships: Blaine/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Blaine/Forced, Blaine/Females.
Cooper Anderson
Status: Available.
Pref. Endgame: Frooper.

+ Bio points up to the player.

Rachel Berry
Status: Taken by Jazz, CST.
Pref. Endgame: Finchel or Puckleberry.

+ Rachel recently has gotten the role of Fanny Brice in “Funny Girl” after her audition. She collapsed and had to wait for a bit to be able to return to rehearsals.

+ She’s also gotten a chance to audition for Mimi in the musical “RENT.”

Ships: Finchel, St. Berry, Puckleberry, Brochel, Rachel/Male.
Anti-Ships: N/A.
Mike Chang
Status: Taken by Line, EST.
Pref. Endgame: Miketana.

+ Accepted into Alvin Ailey starting fall 2013.

+ Moved to New York with Santana both for school and to realize a few professional projects.

+ Their son Tyler was born on July 4th.

+ Now that Mike sort of got starter in the entertainment industry with an ad for Apple, he hopes to go places to provide for his family.

+ Worries a lot about being able to be a good boyfriend and a good father.

Ships: MIKETANA, Fabang.
Anti-Ships: Mike/Males, Tike, Mike/Forced.
Hunter Clarington
Status: Taken by Shi Hui, GMT+9.
Pref. Endgame: Hunter/Chemistry.

+ Comes from an upper class, conservative family. Strained relationship with his parents.

+ Was uncontrollable as a child. Destructive, quick to anger, and incredibly demanding. He would break things when something didn’t go his way.

+ His parents sent him to military school to teach him discipline. And it had some effect on him. He’s still very demanding but has learned to use discipline to control and manipulate the Warblers into doing what he wants.

+ Still suffers from anger. His aggressive behavior is mostly due to his usage of steroids. He briefly quit using it after the Warblers were disqualified but has recently begun taking them again.

+ Had a small fling with Tina but shows little interest in sex and relationships. Occasionally indulges in the opposite sex when he feels a need to exert his heterosexuality. Is tolerant of homosexuality but has shown some discomfort around Sebastian.

+ Obsessed with his body. Often spends time on muscle building equipment in the gym. His controlling behavior extends to control over his body, including what he consumes.

+ Forced to lie about his age at Dalton and is masquerading as a high school student. Received his GED in 2011 but flunked out of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs after failing to show up to most of his classes and vandalising the office of a professor who failed him. His father, the current Dean at Dalton, allowed Hunter to attend the school so Hunter could retake a few credits and clean up his record to try for re-entry into his old college.

+ Hunter’s real name is ‘Peter Livingston’. He was forced to enroll at Dalton under a fake alias so nobody would make the connection between him and the Dean.

Ships: Hunter/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Hunter/Blaine.
Tina Cohen-Chang
Status: Taken by Dani, EST.
Pref. Endgame: Tina/Chemistry.

+ Was recently accepted into NYADA and is excited about it.

+ Her parents are pressuring her to get into Yale and pursue law like her mother and she hasn’t had the heart to tell them that she wants to go into performing arts.

+ Has become much closer with Jeff Sterling as of recently and it seems that there may be a romance blossoming there.

Ships: Tina/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Tina/No Chemistry.
Sam Evans
Status: Taken by Lauren, GMT.
Set Endgame: Bram.

+ Is only recently getting over his body issues - thanks to Blaine - but still has unnatural urges to work out and definitely watches what he eats.

+ Is feeling more and more homesick as the year goes by but only for the simple reason that he misses his family and wishes that they were in Lima, experiencing his senior year with him.
+ Accepted into the School of Visual Arts in New York City, starting in September 2013.

+ Is more committed than ever to Brittany after the gun incident at McKinley.

Ships: BRAM, Sam/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Samcedes, Sam/Male.
Frannie Fabray
Status: Available.
Pref. Endgame: Frooper.

+ Recently divorced, Frannie has returned to Lima from Florida in order to get her life back on track. She was always the hot commodity in such a tiny town and feels as though the boost will jump-start things once again. Not to mention she’s near bankruptcy from spending much more money on partying beach-side than her real estate business has been raking in. In other words, she needs a place to crash for a while until she builds it up again.

+ As someone who has always felt superior to others, Frannie quickly learns that Quinn is dating Artie Abrams, and as soon as she meets him, she’s automatically labeled him as “not good enough for a Fabray.” Quinn and her sister used to get along decently, but now that she’s trying to interfere with Quinn’s love life, the two keep butting heads.

+ Other bio points up to the player.

Quinn Fabray
Status: Taken by CC, CST [Admin].
Set Endgame: Quartie.

+ Is back in Lima for the summer and happy to have the time to spend with her friends, as well as Artie.

+ After hooking up with Artie (more than once) at Mr. Schue’s not-wedding, their friendship grew into much more than expected. After fighting the desire to try for a long-distance relationship, they finally gave in, realizing how strong things were between them. They’ve now been officially together for a few months give or take; Quinn even surprised him at prom as his date, and they’ve declared that they love one another.

+ Despite being incredibly proud of Artie for his acceptance at Brooklyn Film Academy, she’s a little upset that he didn’t make it into Yale with her. At least they’ll be within closer distance than the past year, but it still bothers her a little that she’ll be all the way in Connecticut while her boyfriend and the majority of her friends will be in new York.

+ Piling onto this is the fact that Santana is soon due with her and Mike’s baby; Quinn can’t help but be reminded of Beth, and it’s really having more of an effect on her than expected, given her current state of vulnerability.

+ Is returning to Yale in the fall as well as her job at the local book store there. Her only plans for the summer are to soak up as much time as she can with the ones she loves.

Ships: QUARTIE, Quinn/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Quinn/Females, Quoe, Quick.
Finn Hudson
Status: Taken by K, EST.
Pref. Endgame: Finchel.

+ Just finished his first semester at University of Lima and while it’s nice to be close to home, he isn’t happy there. Unbeknownst to anyone he applied to CUNY and has just gotten the acceptance letter.

+ Loves the idea of becoming a teacher but also likes playing with how music is arranged and wonders if he can do something with that for his future too.

+ He tries not to be the “dumb jock/Lima Loser" he’s always thought he was. He’s in college and he needs to grow up and be the kind of man his father would be proud of if he was alive.

+ Now that he feels like he has a direction, like he’s not the only one of his friends who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, Finn is much happier and much more confident in himself.

+ Finn never told anyone but in the month between the break up and when Artie asked him to help direct Grease he started seeing a therapist to talk about stuff. He only just recently stopped going. He’s not in the bad place he was all those months ago.

+ He loves and misses Rachel and is proud of her for getting Fanny Brice. But he can’t help but worry that with her star already on the rise that it’s too late for them.

Ships: FINCHEL, Finn/Female.
Anti-Ships: Finn/Male.
Kurt Hummel
Status: Taken by Leigh.
Pref. Endgame: Klaine or Kurtbastian.

+Wants to fit in at NYADA, but is finding the landscape tougher than it was at McKinley.

+ While he loves New York, he’s starting to miss the comforts of home. He’s also worried about his father and his treatments. Before, Burt would tell him everything but now it’s all kept pretty quiet. He’s nervous it’s not going how it should be and Burt doesn’t want him to come home.

+ He knows he still has feelings for Blaine but also has feelings for Adam. The similarities between the two are starting to become more obvious each day. Kurt finds himself comparing what Adam does to how Blaine would do something. He’s hoping the wedding will help clear up his feelings.

+ While he loves Rachel and Santana, he’s starting to want his own space. The apartment seems to get smaller and now living with two girls and Brody is almost too much. He’s not sure where he could go on his budget at this point.

+ His goal for after NYADA is clear, Broadway. But he’s starting to wonder if Vogue wouldn’t be a bad place for him either. He still keeps in touch with Isabelle who’s become like an aunt to him. The pair get lunch at least once a week and she still asks his opinion on things.

+ His father had another heart attack recently, but is recovering. Kurt no longer is living with Rachel, but has moved in with another roommate.

Ships: KLAINE, Kurtbastian, Kadam, Kurt/Males.
Anti-Ships: Kurt/Females, Kurtofsky.
Mercedes Jones
Status: Taken by Sami, NST.
Set Endgame: Puckcedes or Finncedes.

+ Always had a crush on Noah Puckerman.

+ Currently living in Los Angeles following her dreams of being a signed recording artist.

+ Found out that the only reason the company wanted to sign her was for her voice, they wanted to use a different body for her cover so she decided to pack up and move back home to Lima for the time being.

+ Still dreaming of being a recording artist but has decided to now study Music, at the University of Lima!

+ Was very pleased because she gets to see Puck a lot more then before.

Ships: PUCKCEDES, Finncedes, Mikecedes.
Anti-Ships: Mercedes/Forced.
Santana Lopez
Status: Taken by Macy, CST.
Pref. Endgame: Miketana.

+ Santana and Mike welcomed Tyler on July 4th.

+ Is enjoying motherhood even if it is tiring and she’s still recovering from the birth.

+ Feels closer to Mike than ever before and feels a deeper love for him now.

+ Is anxious about the future given that they’re young and need to make ends meet.

+ Santana is proud of Mike for following his dreams and she will continue to push him in that direction.

+ She hopes to one day become a model so she can contribute financially but for now she needs to be a mom to Tyler.

Ships: MIKETANA, Samtana, Pucktana.
Anti-Ships: Brittana, Pezberry.
Ryder Lynn
Status: Available.
Pref. Endgame: Kyder.

+ After engaging in an online friendship with a girl named Katie, was shocked to discover it was actually Kitty behind the online persona. Once she admitted this to him, the two revealed their feelings for one another and began to date officially.

+ He’s still having problems with his grades due to his dyslexia.

+ After some time dating, he and Kitty decided to have sex. As of recently she believes that she might be pregnant, and Ryder is trying to be a supportive boyfriend and keep her from worrying. While she actually is not pregnant, neither of them know yet that it’s just a false alarm.

+ Other bio points up to the player.

Brittany Pierce
Status: Korrie, PST.
Set Endgame: Bram.

+ Excited about being one of the smartest people in America.

+ Believes in happy endings just like all of the characters in her favorite Disney movies seem to get.

+ Is unsure about the future. She’d love to have a career in dance but everyone keeps talking about college and she isn’t quite sure how the two are supposed to mesh. Especially now that she’s found herself without acceptance to any colleges close to where Sam will be.

+ Still thinks of everyone in Glee Club, past and present members, as family.

+ Makes it her mission to bring a smile to the face of everyone she meets.

+ Whenever she thinks about her future Sam is always there and she most definitely wants it that way. Especially since he thinks all of her ‘original’ date ideas sound awesome and he can always bring a smile to her face.

+ Has become more attached to Sam since the gun incident at school.

Ships: BRAM, Pierceman, Bike, Fritters, Brittany/Dots, Brittany/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Brittana, No Chemistry.
Jake Puckerman
Status: Available.
Pref. Endgame: Jarley.

+ Bio points up to the player.

Noah Puckerman
Status: Taken by Amy, PST.
Pref. Endgame: Puckcedes.

+ Wants to make his dream of being a screenwriter come true and prove the haters wrong.

+ Is single once again and trying to figure out the next step in his future.

+ Puck is known as the sex shark, and to most he’s probably had sex with a lot of girls. The only girl he didn’t want to sleep with, because he actually cared for was Mercedes.

+ Puck has slept around a lot, most would think it was only girls, but that wasn’t true. He’s slept with a few guys and honestly he liked it. Now he isn’t gay, maybe bisexual, but not gay.

+ Puck has recently got into a college in LA, but turned it down. Reason was, he heard Mercedes was moving to Lima and wanted to stick around and he wants to be there for his brother Jake.

Ships: PUCKCEDES, Pinn, Spuck, Puck/Female, Puck/Male.
Anti-Ships: Puckleberry.
Marley Rose
Status: Available.
Pref. Endgame: Jarley.

+ Bio points up to the player.

Sebastian Smythe
Status: Taken by Ashleigh, CST.
Pref. Endgame: Sebklaine, Seblaine, or Kurtbastian.

+ Wants to go to college to become a lawyer because he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and own his own law firm one day.

+ His whole “good boy” act was just that, an act. He was trying too hard to be someone he isn’t and after the whole steroid incident, realized that he doesn’t want to act anymore.

+ He’s back to the way he used to be, only this time, he’s a little less abrasive and a little more real. He still flirts with everyone on legs and he doesn’t hesitate to hit on everyone, but he has boundaries and limits.

+ Things with Kurt and Blaine have escalated quickly. He didn’t expect to be in a polyamorous relationship with the two of them, but it just happened… Until Sebastian ruined it by telling Kurt it was just about the sex and nothing more.

+ He desperately wants to show Kurt he wants to be with him just as much as he wants to be with Blaine, but he doesn’t know how to do this.

+ He would love to go back to France for college, the place he grew up and lived in until he was 12 years old, but he isn’t sure he’s ready to leave behind his friends and family.

+ He is scared that people will judge him for his relationship with Blaine and Kurt and this judgment will be their ultimate downfall because they will feel the strain in their relationship and won’t have anyone to go to to figure out how to ignore everyone else.

Ships: Sebklaine, Seblaine, Kurtbastian, Huntbastian, Sebastian/Male, Sebastian/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Sebastian/Forced.
Jeff Sterling
Status: Taken by Abby, PST.
Pref. Endgame: Jefftina.

+ Comes from a good, upper-middle class family. Despite his background he doesn’t brag about his money and is pretty down to earth.

+ Loves performing, dance, and music. The arts are his passion and something he’s thinking about pursuing for his future, even if his parents don’t exactly see eye to eye with him on that one.

+ Friendly and laid back, but easily influenced and tends to go along with the crowd. Sometimes leading to regrettable decisions.

+ Feels ashamed about his part in the steroid scandal. He wants to redeem himself and prove that despite the mistakes he’s made that’s not the sort of person he wants to be.

+ Loves the Warblers like brothers and will stand with them until the end. He’s still iffy about Hunter and Sebastian after the road they’ve both led the Warblers down.

+ Trying to make amends with New Directions.

Ships: JEFFTINA, Jeffbastian, Jeff/Male, Jeff/Female, Jeff/Chemistry.
Anti-Ships: Jeff/No Chemistry.
Jesse St. James
Status: Available.
Pref. Endgame:

+ Bio points up to the player.

Kitty Wilde
Status: Taken by Heather, CST.
Pref. Endgame: Kyder.

+ While Kitty may be mean and harsh, she does have feelings. She is just really afraid to show them because it means that she’s weak and she doesn’t want anyone to think that about her.

+ For her future, she wants to become a cheerleader for a major league team. Whether it be basketball or football, she doesn’t care, she just doesn’t want to give up on cheering because it gives her a chance to be free.

+ If it wasn’t for glee club she wouldn’t have been able to be more free, she used to be mean to people all the time and since joining the club she’s toned it down a bit because as much as she would hate to admit it, she enjoys their company.

+ Kitty is an only child, her parents pamper her all the time on the rare occasions that they are ever home. They tend to travel a lot, so Kitty is left home and alone a lot, which makes her have a bit of abandonment issues when it comes to family.

+ She used to hate Marley, because of the Jake situation, but now she tolerates her. It doesn’t mean she likes her, or at least she won’t admit that, but she doesn’t hate her as much as she used to.

+ Although she has talked down to Ryder and made fun of him, it’s her odd way of flirting with him. He makes her nervous, so she snaps back at him. She just doesn’t know how to open up to him and uses her defensive come backs as a way to make sure she doesn’t say anything that would make her look stupid.

+ In the back of her mind, she does wonder what it would’ve been like to date Jake and catches herself looking at him sometimes, but she knows Marley has claimed him and it irritates her.

+ Has recently begun dating Ryder, and they seem to be moving to a deeper relationship pretty quickly.

Ships: KYDER, Jitty, Sitty, Kitty/Happiness.
Anti-Ships: Kitty/Unique.